As melhores maneiras de limpar a casa e se livrar dos mosquitos

The Best Ways to Clean Your Home and Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can be a nuisance to people suffering from diseases like malaria, West Nile virus, dengue, Zika, and much more.

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6 truques incríveis para deixar aço inox brilhando. Foto: Pexels

6 Amazing Tricks to Make Stainless Steel Shine

Knowing how to clean stainless steel is essential because most of us have at least one item at home, whether it’s a pot, stove, sink, or even a refrigerator.

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4 dicas infalíveis para limpar panela de arroz elétrica

4 foolproof tips for cleaning an electric rice cooker

As you already know, an electric rice cooker is one of the most reliable kitchen appliances today.

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Carunchos: 7 dicas para evitar que eles dominem seu armário

Beetles: 7 Tips to Prevent Them from Taking Over Your Pantry

So you decide to cook some rice and beans for lunch, and there they are. The beetles!

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Mistura com coca cola e pasta de dente promete limpar frigideira queimada

Mixture of Coca-Cola and toothpaste cleans burnt frying pan and leaves it shining

Have you ever come across a burnt frying pan that seems to resist all cleaning attempts? Sometimes, the buildup of burnt residues can be a real headache in the kitchen.

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8 dicas para se livrar das traças. Foto: Pexels

8 tips to get rid of moths

Adult moths are not a major threat to your home, but their larvae, moths, usually feed on fabrics, especially cotton and wool, and dry products like bread and pasta.

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Como se livrar das formigas: 8 soluções caseiras que realmente funcionam. Foto: pexels

How to Get Rid of Ants: 8 Homemade Solutions That Really Work

Let’s agree that the ants that show up in your home can be quite annoying. It’s not just frustrating to see ants running around, but an ant colony can also cause a lot of damage and is very unhygienic.

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Por que existem larvas na minha casa?

Why are there larvae in my house?

Although it may be uncomfortable to discuss, larvae in the house are a common issue that every homeowner must deal with at one time or another.

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Este truque do TikTok mostrará como organizar sua Tupperware

This TikTok hack will show you how to organize your Tupperware

One of the biggest reasons is buying or combining several Tupperware sets that come with different lid types, shapes, and odd sizes, says Smallish Home. This leaves you with some sets that fit perfectly into each other, while others might have conical bottoms that make stacking impossible.

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Como remover manchas de ferrugem de diferentes superfícies. Foto: pexels

How to remove rust stains from different surfaces

Rust appears in a reddish-brown color when iron and oxygen react in the presence of moisture to form iron oxide.

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