Beetles: 7 Tips to Prevent Them from Taking Over Your Pantry

Carunchos: 7 dicas para evitar que eles dominem seu armário
Carunchos: 7 dicas para evitar que eles dominem seu armário. Foto: Pexels

So you decide to cook some rice and beans for lunch, and there they are. The beetles!

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Small pests that disrupt the peace in your kitchen!
You can find them in flour, beans, rice, or any other food, and they’re even capable of piercing through the packaging.
But, stay calm, beetles are quite common in food.

Where do they come from?

The beginning of the infestation might have started in the food producer’s storage or on the journey to the supermarket’s storage, so beetles have numerous opportunities to enter and proliferate.
The proliferation at home begins from a contaminated food item purchased at the supermarket. However, the origin of the problem isn’t always where they were found.
The start of the infestation could have begun in another food item, and the longer it stays in the pantry, the greater the chance of it spreading.

Check out 7 tips to prevent your pantry from being dominated by beetles!

1 – Check the food’s expiration date

Food past its expiration date is a favorite of beetles, so check your pantry at least once a month. Avoid buying large quantities of food, so you don’t have to store them for too long.
Tip: Restock according to your needs.

2 – Discard damaged packages

If, during the inspection of your pantry, you notice damaged packaging or even the presence of some beetles – even in small quantities – discard them immediately because they compromise the hygiene in food preparation and proliferate rapidly.

3 – Retire the clips

After opening food packages, transfer the remainder to airtight containers.
Using clips alone to seal packages won’t be sufficient to prevent beetles from entering, so it’s recommended to use suitable containers. In the case of wheat flour, you can also store it in the refrigerator in a container. Remember, any hole or opening is considered an open door for beetles.

4 – Keep cleanliness in check

You know that bit of flour that remains under the packaging and falls onto the shelf in your pantry? Well, that’s enough to attract the beetles. Therefore, keep your pantry clean at all times. Clean the pantry periodically, with the recommendation being bi-weekly or monthly.
Tip: Use a cloth with vinegar, detergent, or coconut soap, a clean cloth to dry, and finally, spread bay leaves to repel the beetles.

5 – The older ones have priority

In the bank queue, at the supermarket, and also in your pantry.
To get rid of the beetles, place the older products in front and move the newer ones to the back, thus organizing the consumption of food, starting with the oldest to prevent waste and facilitate your next expiration date check.

6 – More ventilation, less humidity!

Ideally, you should store food in open places, like a pantry with only shelves, but that’s not always possible.
If you store your supplies in a closed cupboard, leave the doors open at least two days a week.

This way, the cupboard will be less humid and better ventilated, helping to prevent the beetles.

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