Learn how to clean the pool to enjoy the warmer days!

Learn how to clean the pool to enjoy the warmer days!
Learn how to clean the pool to enjoy the warmer days!. Photo: Pexels

The temperature has risen and it’s time to remove the tarp and clean the pool to enjoy the heat. We will show you everything you need to know about how to clean a pool! Check it out!

How to clean the pool

The dirt at the bottom of the pool can be removed with a manual vacuum cleaner. See how to use it.
First, attach the manual vacuum to the telescopic handle. Use the simple click system to do this.

Next, slide the floating hose to the vacuum’s suction point.

Place the vacuum in the corner of the pool and lower the vacuum along with the hose to the bottom of the pool.

Now hold the vacuum hose at the water line. Push the hose below the water line vertically, meter by meter, until you reach the end of the hose. This will vent the vacuum hose. If you don’t do this, your pool pump will be damaged.

After venting the vacuum hose, you can connect it to the vacuum connector or to the skimmer. You can leave the filter basket in place.

To vacuum well, all suction power should go to the vacuum connection point. It may be necessary to temporarily close some pipes, for example, when using skimmers or vacuum cleaners. You can close these pipes with the help of the ball valves in the filter installation.


So now everything is ready to clean the pool. Run the vacuum over the pool floor and vacuum the dirt. Try to stir as little as possible. Therefore, do the process carefully.
If you notice that the vacuum’s suction power is reduced, wash the sand filter. This will clean the filter. After a few minutes, the suction power will be good again and you can proceed with the pool cleaning.

As soon as the pool floor is clean, wash again and put the filter back in its original position. Remove the manual vacuum and the floating hose and put the ball valves back in their original positions.

How to clean the pool water

Cleaning the pool and keeping it clean means more than just cleaning the floor and the water line. You should also filter the water. In the summer, we advise a minimum filtering of 12 hours per day. This will filter all dirt particles as quickly as possible.
To keep the water quality healthy, you need to add maintenance products to the pool. First, make sure that the acidity or pH value are correct. In order to be able to swim in the pool, the pH must be between 7.0 and 7.6, with an ideal value of 7.2.

Test kit

For this, you should test the water quality with a test kit. If necessary, add pH Plus or pH Min to the water.
The pool also needs to be disinfected against bacteria. To do this, you can add chlorine to the water. The ideal amount of chlorine for cleaning a residential pool is 1mg / l. You can easily check this using your test kit.

By following these tips, you will keep your pool clean for longer. Invest a little time every week to keep your pool clean, thus you will have less work. Postponing maintenance and doing it only once a month will cost much more time in the end.

Now jump in the pool and have fun!

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